Painting Division was set up in 1980 to cater for the abrasive blasting and painting needs of the local oil industry. The Company has worked extensively at offshore locations as well as in Abu Dhabi and all around the U.A.E.

In 1985 we reorganized to concentrate on working mainly within our new Mussafah premises where better facilities and quality control can be met for special coatings. Today Protech has many long established customers who recognize the maintenance savings to be achieved by using a professional contractor with the most modern facilities

Our Equipment includes:

  • 1-No. 650 cfm. electric compressors
  • Airless spray units for heavy duty coatings.
  • 1-No. “Wheelabrater” automated blast unit for repetitive blasting (piles,  angles, beams).
  • Fully enclosed and Automatic Blasting Room utilizing Steel Grit (15 x 8 x 6m)
  • High Pressure degreasing and washing pump.
  • Full range of measurement and quality control instruments.
  • 2 Nos. 3-ton and 1 No. 7-ton fork lift for loading of customer’s material.
  • Full paved yard area with closed and ventilated painting sheds.

All work can be undertaken in consultation with the paint manufacturers to ensure the customer receives the best solution to their particular needs and budget.

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