In the early 80's PROTECH was the first to manufacture Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Steel Reinforcement Bar(FBECR) in the Middle East. PROTECH is still the market leader and one of the largest in the world and again PROTECH is the first rebar coater to launch an industrial Powder Coating Division.

Local conditions dictate that adaptable and durable coatings, something similar to Fusion Bonded Epoxy, are applied so our "INDUSTRIAL POWDER COATING DIVISION" was commissioned in March 1996.

Our new plant has been designed and built using the latest infra-red pre and post curing techniques to take large items that previously could not be coated in the UAE. Whether using EPOXY, POLYESTER or COMBINATION of the two, components such as :

"Pipes, valves, lightning poles, inspection covers, structural steel works, wire works, household appliances, metal furniture (interior), shelving, cupboards and filing cabinets, lightning equipments, electric insulation, glassware, ceramics, tools, machines and parts, rain gutters, brackets, automobile parts, agricultural equipment, mail boxes, metal facades - profiles, door and windows, fitting, pipelines, aluminium sheet, fitting, boxes, etc. etc." can be coated.

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